Individual Psychotherapy

Together, we will explore your feelings, beliefs and behaviours.  We will look at influences from your past, challenges in your present, and aims for your future. This may mean working through significant memories or experiences, gaining greater understanding of yourself and your relationship to those around you, and working towards desired change.

My focus is always you, but it is you in relation to different aspects of your life: in relation to family, maybe, or in relation to your beliefs, to your culture, to your body, to food, to anger, to repetitive or destructive patterns of behaviour, to hope. The possibilities are endless.

We will also pay attention to the relationship that is created between us.  This is not only important for enabling you to feel comfortable and able to talk, but it can give us useful information about some of the issues that may come up for you in your relationship with others.

My style is one of openness: I share my thinking with you, and answer any questions you have about what we are doing together.  I try to create an environment in which you feel that you can be honest with me and with yourself.  I also try to be as honest as I can with you.

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